Public grievances of members of co-operative societies

With increase in number of societies and sharing properties, these are things residents should work upon before moving to new society

Society Focus- One stop for all Society/Complex related issues.

1) CO-OPERATION AMONG MEMBERS: The members of the co-operative societies are shy of pin pointing the problems they face in a co-operative societies. Since all the members are required to live together in the society, they have to do face saving while inter acting for society matters. Most of the members are not able to devote their personal time for the society welfare matters, therefore they support those members who are devoting their valuable time for the other members of the society.

2) NON-CO-OPERATION AMONG MEMBERS: The members of the co-operative societies are also having few members who are not the followers of others, they wish to give their suggestions rather constructive suggestions. But due to adamant attitude of members of the Managing Committee, they start opposing what ever is felt wrong by them. When such members become conscience of mis-deeds of the present managing committee, they stop co-operating with the members of the managing committee.

3) DUTY OF THE MANAGING COMMITTEE: The managing committee is duty bound to explain their stand and explain the bye laws, the act and the rules under which they have to work and in all cases the managing committee has to see that interest of all the member and resolve the grievances of all the members.

4) REQUESTS & COMPLAINTS TURN INTO GRIEVANCES: Initially the members put up their application to the managing committee for their requirement. If the members are not provided what they need and there is no logic provided by the managing committee of not satisfying their need, the members complain to the President or Secretary as complaint. When the managing committee still do not listen to the complaints or do nothing to resolve the complaint, it turns into grievances of the members.

5) THE MEMBERS PUT THEIR GRIEVANCES TO REGISTRAR: When the members are dis-satisfied with the reply or non- reply or non-action of the managing committee, they turn their face towards the legal channels available to them. The most immediate channel is the Registrar of Co-operative societies. Therefore the members complain to the Registrar of co-operative societies by writing their grievances against their managing committee.

6) WORKING STYLE OF REGISTRAR: The number of co-operative societies have increased many fold since the allotment of lands in Dwarka, but the staff strength of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies has remained the same for the last many years. Therefore, there was no other option available with the Registrar of co-operative societies except changing their style of working.

Major change in the working style has been to leave the internal administration of the society to its elected managing committee. If a members complains against the managing committee, the attitude of the Registrar shall be to support the decisions or actions of the present or past managing committee itself. Such a style has in fact reduced the burden of work on the officials of the Registrar of co-operative societies but the members have been feeling neglected. Therefore, there is increase in the arbitration cases coming up in the office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies.

When we start our day we feel very energetic but many of us start our morning with chaotic mess and remain exhausted and irritated whole day which actually decreases their productivity and hamper their personal as well as professional life .
Below are the few things to be done in the morning that can bring productivity in your life :-

  • Get a quality sleep of at least 7 hours:-
Try to get quality sleep of at least 7 hours and wake up between 5am-6am(early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy ,wealthy and wise . Getting healthy amount of sleep is linked quality of your life it decreases your stress, lowers the risk of depression,decreases risk of accidents , it increases your creativity also

  • Don’t use your phone for checking emails/social media:-
90 % of people uses their phones within 10 mins of waking up which actually distracts your mind from doing more useful thing. So don’t use mobiles before 8 in the morning

  • Exercise your body :-
Exercise your body for at least 15-20 mins it refreshes your mind and body will definitely let you feel less stressed when you get to work.

  • Meditation for at least 10 minutes:-
We all get up in the morning, we all have our routines that we go through in order to start our day ,meditation of at least 10 minutes is a must thing to be done before rushing to your strict day routine it actually helps you in increasing your emotional maturity and decreases depression and anxiety

  • Take a shower:-

Take proper shower before going for work

  • Neighbours:-
Only one in ten bother to see our neighbours while shifting to new place as we are busy and we do not know the fact that neighbours are the best caretaker as can be called at any time when emergency arises. It is important to get introduced to neighbours or check them once while shifting to new place.

  • Location

Before you move, think about what you like and don't like about where you currently live. Does your potential destination offer the same benefits? Does it solve any of the problems?
Find out the culture in the area you are going to shift  whether it matches your culture or not

  • Transportation

If your are using your own vehicle all the time then it is not that important factor but if you use public transport then it is very important to check whether public transport(auto/bus/rikshaw/train) is available easily or not.

  • Safety & Security

Safety and security are the most important factor to check before shifting to a new is important to research local crime,check lightening etc.

  • Water Supply

Water supply is an important issue nowadays in many areas. Water is the basis need of every individual so it is important to check water supply

  • Parking
It is import to have sufficient parking if you own a car or any vehicle.Be sure there’s ample convenient parking. Also make sure the parking lot is well-maintained and adequately lighted.

  • User Directory
Our Online User Directory is available at all times to the residents. It lists individual residents of the society thematically with details such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers. It also lists emergency services, utilities, hospitals, doctors, and other organizations near you that can provide support in times of crisis. This directory enables the users to search the residents of the society and obtain the required information about them.

  • Asset Booking
The assets (i.e. electricians, plumbers, swimming pool etc.) can be booked through the application itself. Residents are required to fill in basic information such as date and time as to when the asset is required. The residents can also view the assets booked by them in a calendar view. Being an online feature, booking and reviewing of assets can take place at any time of the day.

  • Notice Board
A notice board or a bulletin board is intended for posting public messages, for example, advertisements of small businesses (i.e. dance classes, tuition centers etc.), items wanted or for sale, announcement of events, important rules and regulations and other important information. This information will be available to all the residents of the society.

  • Facilities
Our application allows you to search for all commercial or institutional buildings, such as salons, hospitals, clinics, fast-food joints, banks, temples etc within your reach. New facilities can be easily added or removed with one click.

  • Event Calendar
It is a chart showing the days, weeks, and months of a particular year. It specifies all the events which have taken place or are scheduled for future in a particular year. The RWA can easily update the events and make the residents aware of it.

  • Car Security
Our application enables a proper security system for all the vehicles owned by the residents of a society. It simplifies the entry and exit of the society vehicles with the least time involved and registers outside vehicles with an ease. The security system is very simple to use and can be understood without any trouble.

  • Complaint Registration
We provide a section where residents can briefly explain their complaints regarding any inadequacy in the provided facilities or any other prerequisite. In addition to this the residents can easily track their existing complaints and see whether any action is taken in regard to them or not.
This section is a basic need because ameliorating a society necessitates complaints and suggestions.

  • Society Album

The society album is a collection of photographs of the society and its events. Photographs are an infusion of preciousness and uniqueness. They bring memories back to life and are a powerful medium of expression therefore we understand that having a distinct place for your photographs is salient.
Cities in India are built on the principle of community by living,which directly results in better maintained neighborhoods. Society Focus is an application that helps in connecting neighbors and RWA and get solution to all their problems through an easy online portal. Below are the few highlights of the portal
  • Online Directory
online directory for all the residents of society is maintained
  • Booking
user can get the community hall booked online
  • Utilization of services
user can utilize services of plumber,electrician,driver(contact details available online). Call can be booked online
  • Complaint Booking
user can book complaints online(street light,sewage,water,park,gardening issue)and get it track at any point of time
  • Upcoming Events
RWA can send notification to its member for upcoming events or any other thing
  • Upload Pictures

RWA and its members can upload pictures of any events
Society Management Committee plays an important role for the upliftment and smooth functioning of its society. Few of its roles are:-

1) Organize social, cultural and recreational facilities and amenities
Management committee organizes social, cultural and recreational facilities and amenities for the resident and supervise the same and maintain or organize the maintenance of all common areas and amenities thereof.
2) Administration work
Assign the responsibilities for carrying out day to day administration of building and affairs of association to the employees appointed for such purpose
3) Stand for the rights of its residents
Represent the members of the Association, in the matter relating to the building or arising in relation to it, with the aim of protecting their rights and interest
4) Organizing Events
Encourage and promote religious, cultural and educational activities and promote charitable feelings among members.Join hand with any other association for common and mutual benefits.
5) Managing Accounts
Open and maintain one or more bank Accounts of the association in the name of the association with any nationalized bank as decided by the committee.Ensure that the income monies received by the association are applied in promoting the objectives of the association and are not available for distribution on any account among the members.
Keep in custody of all original documents connected to the land and building, licences issued by any authorities in relation of the said building or land

Society focus is an online portal that simplifies the work.All the work of RWA is managed under this portal. It helps a lot in sending notification to all the resident members for any upcoming event or dues or any other notification.Online directory for all the members is also available. Complaint tracking is also one of the major feature under this application. It manages the work efficiently and effectively with no hassle.