Common duties of the Society Management Committee?

Society Management Committee plays an important role for the upliftment and smooth functioning of its society. Few of its roles are:-

1) Organize social, cultural and recreational facilities and amenities
Management committee organizes social, cultural and recreational facilities and amenities for the resident and supervise the same and maintain or organize the maintenance of all common areas and amenities thereof.
2) Administration work
Assign the responsibilities for carrying out day to day administration of building and affairs of association to the employees appointed for such purpose
3) Stand for the rights of its residents
Represent the members of the Association, in the matter relating to the building or arising in relation to it, with the aim of protecting their rights and interest
4) Organizing Events
Encourage and promote religious, cultural and educational activities and promote charitable feelings among members.Join hand with any other association for common and mutual benefits.
5) Managing Accounts
Open and maintain one or more bank Accounts of the association in the name of the association with any nationalized bank as decided by the committee.Ensure that the income monies received by the association are applied in promoting the objectives of the association and are not available for distribution on any account among the members.
Keep in custody of all original documents connected to the land and building, licences issued by any authorities in relation of the said building or land

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