Things that have to be done before 8 in the morning every day to increase your productivity


When we start our day we feel very energetic but many of us start our morning with chaotic mess and remain exhausted and irritated whole day which actually decreases their productivity and hamper their personal as well as professional life .
Below are the few things to be done in the morning that can bring productivity in your life :-

  • Get a quality sleep of at least 7 hours:-
Try to get quality sleep of at least 7 hours and wake up between 5am-6am(early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy ,wealthy and wise . Getting healthy amount of sleep is linked quality of your life it decreases your stress, lowers the risk of depression,decreases risk of accidents , it increases your creativity also

  • Don’t use your phone for checking emails/social media:-
90 % of people uses their phones within 10 mins of waking up which actually distracts your mind from doing more useful thing. So don’t use mobiles before 8 in the morning

  • Exercise your body :-
Exercise your body for at least 15-20 mins it refreshes your mind and body will definitely let you feel less stressed when you get to work.

  • Meditation for at least 10 minutes:-
We all get up in the morning, we all have our routines that we go through in order to start our day ,meditation of at least 10 minutes is a must thing to be done before rushing to your strict day routine it actually helps you in increasing your emotional maturity and decreases depression and anxiety

  • Take a shower:-

Take proper shower before going for work

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