Things to be taken care while shifting in new society/house


  • Neighbours:-
Only one in ten bother to see our neighbours while shifting to new place as we are busy and we do not know the fact that neighbours are the best caretaker as can be called at any time when emergency arises. It is important to get introduced to neighbours or check them once while shifting to new place.

  • Location

Before you move, think about what you like and don't like about where you currently live. Does your potential destination offer the same benefits? Does it solve any of the problems?
Find out the culture in the area you are going to shift  whether it matches your culture or not

  • Transportation

If your are using your own vehicle all the time then it is not that important factor but if you use public transport then it is very important to check whether public transport(auto/bus/rikshaw/train) is available easily or not.

  • Safety & Security

Safety and security are the most important factor to check before shifting to a new is important to research local crime,check lightening etc.

  • Water Supply

Water supply is an important issue nowadays in many areas. Water is the basis need of every individual so it is important to check water supply

  • Parking
It is import to have sufficient parking if you own a car or any vehicle.Be sure there’s ample convenient parking. Also make sure the parking lot is well-maintained and adequately lighted.

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